July 9, 2012

London2012 Olympic Athlete to Watch: John Orozco

If you don't know it by now, I'm a nut when it comes to the Olympics.

Every two years (I love the Winter games, too), I catch the fever... hard.

In a few weeks, you won't have to ask what I'm up to, because I'll be firmly planted in front of TVs and my computer, watching live action of the Olympics (and highlights when there isn't anything live).

But I don't just get psyched up for the actual Games. I love the run-up as well.

So while I was home in Utah, my family and I watched a fair amount of the Olympic Trials.
We caught some of the swimming, track & field, and gymnastics meets.

One athlete that caught my attention both for his ability and his non-traditional gymnastics background was this smiley fellow (and we all know how much I appreciate smilers):
John Orozco
He wowed us on his way to taking the top US spot going into London.

Since the Bronx native (yes, you read that right; there's a world-class gymnast from the Bronx) can tell his story better than I can, here you go:
This is his floor routine from the US Championships (the meet prior to the Trials):
Oh, and did I mention that floor isn't even his best event?
The dude is scary good on high bar and pommel horse.

Need a motivational pump-up music video, featuring John Orozco? My friend Cheri introduced me to "The Fighter" by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder , so I'll share that with you as well.
Can't wait to see what John does in London!

What athletes do you have your eye on?


  1. Glad you have a fun way to ease back into real life after that monster vacation :)

    1. haha Yeah, there are lots of work emails to catch up on, but also a lot of blogposts that need to be written.