July 6, 2012

How to Keep Kids Healthy (Good for Adults, Too)

I read this article today from Yahoo, and it made me wonder how much healthier we as adults would be if we followed this simple advice for children.

6 Ways to Stay Healthy
  1. Wash your hands: 15-20 seconds (sing the Happy Birthday song twice)
  2. Be active every day: regular, moderate exercise (you don't have to be training for a marathon)
  3. Get plenty of sleep: I bet getting 7 hours would be a major improvement for most people
  4. Avoid touching your face: this goes along with the hand-washing in #1
  5. Consume a balanced and healthy diet: colorful fruits and veggies are delicious!
  6. Get the flu vaccine: this is pretty self-explanatory, and doesn't insurance cover some of the cost?
Who wants to try this out with me? Maybe a one-month trial period?


  1. I do all of those anyway, minus the flu vaccine. :) I'm constantly amazed at how little sleep people get. I get between 8-10 hours on a daily basis. Yes, TEN. It's like I'm a toddler. ha ha.

    1. Nicely done! I def need to do better, starting with more sleep and eating healthier.

  2. Count me in! I'm not so good at doing a couple of those.....