June 13, 2012

Raw Shakti Chocolate: Pricey but Delicious

There is chocolate, and then there's really good, high quality chocolate. Often I settle for the former.

Recently, as a result of following her blog and coming up with a caption for a funny picture, my friend Jen mailed me some of the latter, and my taste buds have been dancing for joy ever since.

What's more, I was promised one chocolate bar, and received two! Yes, that's the very definition of a double bonus! Pretty sure Jen is lobbying for sainthood, but I'm going to nominate her even if she isn't.
And who doesn't like extra goodies to go with their edible loot?! I sure do!

The chocolate is called Raw Shakti, and its quality is unmatched*. I appreciate how the makers didn't add a ton of sugar just to sweeten it up. The citrus and other ingredients take the edge off the bitter, but leave the true, natural cacao taste, which I liked very much.
Have a look at the actual bar. I love that it doesn't have some brand molded into it. Simple and beautiful.

Just like the taste.

Really, the only downside is the cost. Apparently they are cheaper when bought at a farmer's market or festival, but they work out to $7 each when bought online ($42 for 6, $84 for 12, free shipping). Ouch.

I'm hopeful that as they grow in popularity and increase their distribution, the cost will come down.
For now, I can't really bring myself to pay $7 for a chocolate bar, even one as delicious as Raw Shakti.

Thanks again, Jen!

*In my limited United States experience, anyway. I'm told chocolate in Europe is fantastic, but I've never been so I can't opine either way on the Raw Shakti vs Europe comparison.

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  1. What a write up! I'll have to share this with Don, the owner and maker of the fabulous Raw Shakti chocolate. glad you enjoyed the package!