June 10, 2012

A Night of Artomatic Fun

My friends have a wide variety of talents. Last night, I saw one of my friends perform a few bellydancing routines at the Artomatic 2012 show in Crystal City, VA.

She did a great job, and I was impressed at the body control, as I know I could never get my hips and upper body to move the way she and her fellow dancers did. Way to go, Alice!
After rocking her group routine
The gang there to support
Going solo
After the performance, we all looked around at the various art exhibits, which ranged from sculptures to murals to small paintings and photography. There were even Lego creations and the famous Washington Post Peep-o-ramas to check out.
Nyan cat made from Legos
That is one large Peep!
We spent about 2 hours walking around and only saw 3 of the 10 floors. I'm thinking I'll have to go back another time or two to check out a couple more floors. Very interesting stuff!

Makes me want to get artsy and create something...


  1. ooh i want to go! pick me pick me!

    1. I'll definitely go with you, Milan! We'll have to figure out a day we can both go, and check the events as well for interesting stuff like bands and bellydancing and such.