June 20, 2012

Kevin Spacey's "Jameson First Shot" Short Films

I spend more time on YouTube than I probably should. But can you blame me? There are all kinds of gems to find and watch on that site.

For example, I recently came across a series of short films called Jameson First Shot, which were written by (to my knowledge) unknown writer-directors, and which star Kevin Spacey.

Note: I have to admit that I'm a huge Kevin Spacey fan. The guy just knows how to pick good movies, and then he nails the performance. So anything that he's in, I know I'm likely going to like it (that sentence sounds strange with "like" being used in multiple ways, but I'm going with it anyway).

The goal of Jameson First Shot was to find new, talented writer-directors in America, Russia, and South Africa. Not sure why they picked those locations, but I think they got some pretty good submissions (or at least the winning short films are interesting/fun/clever). Oh yeah, and I believe the submitters actually got to direct their films, starring Kevin Spacey. Very cool.


He also starred in their shorter "The Ventriloquist" and light-hearted "Spirit of a Denture" videos.

I'd love it if more actors teamed up with companies (whether alcohol-based or otherwise) to create these kinds of short films and give young and/or undiscovered talent the opportunity to shine.

So what do you think of the program, and of these films in particular?

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