June 27, 2012

How to Make an Uncle Melt

I had such a cute experience last night with my nieces, sweetened even more this morning by a quick text from my sister-in-law.

After dinner and playing basketball with the G-child and Adam (plus the girls), the little ones had reached sleepytime. I was lucky enough to get to read them a bedtime story, then I tucked them into bed. Breezy let me give her a kiss and responded with "I love you" after I said it first. Zonks hid under her covers to avoid a kiss and didn't say anything.

Thanks, Adam & Linds, for letting me have that special moment while I'm home on vacation.

And when I got this text message today from Linds, I melted.
Hey! [Breezy] woke up this morning and started crying because she "lost uncle Aaron." My reply... he went back to Grammy's. [Zonks'] response, and this was a doozy, "He should remain (yes... she used this word) with us."
Breezy, you'll never lose me. Zonks, hopefully someday I can accept your offer, and see you, your sister, and brother a lot more often.

I sure do love being an uncle, especially to the G-child, Breezy, and Zonks.


  1. being an aunt/uncle is the best. i mean, i guess being a parent might be even better since you get to have these moments all the time, but as an aunt/uncle you just get to see the sweet and heart-melting stuff. when the tantrums kick in, you can say "um...need anything at Trader Joes while i'm out?" :)
    i miss my nephews and nieces terrible now that we have moved away.

  2. We really do have the best nephew and nieces in the galaxy. I am super jealous that Breezy let you kiss her -- you should know that's a pretty rare thing!

    (Also, I love that you have adopted these monikers for them... I just hope we both use them for the same girls!)

    Sounds like a great night! More to come!!!!

    1. Now I feel even better about the Breezy kiss.
      And isn't that what Adam & Linds call them in their blog (which they never update)? That's why I went with those names.