May 3, 2012

Shandi Hill's Hill Country Country-Style Birthday

You aren't going crazy; all of those words in the title are intentional. I really like the word repetition.

Shandi Hill = my good friend
Hill Country = delicious DC restaurant
Country-style = the food

I'll let the pictures and captions do the talking in this post.
Preparing to order, and for the tastiness that lay in wait.
This is how BBQ is supposed to be done.
Birthday bubbly, straight from Texas.
Baby + BBQ + birthday = happy Shandi.
Yes, I will have a root beer with my large quantities of meat.
Blue Bell ice cream. Nuff said.
A little Southern lemonade.
This is the view of someone ready to devour Blue Bell ice cream.
A perfect dessert for the birthday girl.
The big kids end of the table.
It's sad when there's none left.
She went out with her boots on;
Or, struttin' that birthday style.
Happy birthday, Shandi! Thanks for inviting me and allowing me to be your unauthorized paparazzi!

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