May 5, 2012

Not-Flat Stanley Visits DC

My buddy Stanley had a work retreat out here in DC for a couple days, and he was able to finagle it so that he could work from their DC office the next week. Score!

Always good spending time with him and catching up, and we took advantage of some good ol' DC fun.

Medieval Madness
One of my friends had worked here and said it was a fun dinner theater, so I wanted to go. About 6 months ago, I'd even bought a Groupon for 4 people. Now it was about to expire, and I figured who better to take than Stanley?
To friends!
We played good king, bad king. Guess who was which.
We convinced our friends Milan [check out her blog] and Meg to join us. Not sure who was the luckiest in that scenario, because look how pretty and awesome they are.
Girls worth fighting for.
Acting like the princesses they are.
The show was lots of fun, and I even got to yell out, "Wench, bring me more ale!" Ok, I didn't say ale. I said Sprite. And no, I wasn't being disrespectful. That is actually what the serving wench told us to yell out to get her attention.

Meg had been to Medieval Times before and said that the food at Medieval Madness was vastly superior. The meat was quite tasty, and there was lots of it. Definitely not a place for vegetarians...

Also, besides the witty jokes and semi-crass songs and elaborate costumes, the folks at Medieval Madness treated us to a sword fight. Very cool. Between the food and sword fight, it was easily worth the price.
This romance lasted about 12 hours, I think.
Right up until he mentioned his other job at Home Depot.
Matchbox and Ted's Bulletin
We went to brunch one day that Stanley was here, and it just so happened that Milan and Meg joined us again. I swear, we didn't spend all week as a friends foursome, even though that would have rocked.
GQ called, your photo shoot appointment is set.
A virgin Bloody Mary to start the day off right.
Milan likes her drinks fruity and uber-girly.
So authoritative.
After our scrumptious brunch, we needed to satisfy the sweet tooth. Fortunately, Milan knew about the homemade pop tarts at Ted's Bulletin a few doors down. Go get one. You won't be disappointed.
Meg loves showing off her blueberry pop tart and ring.
Yes, that's a bacon and peanut butter poptart.
It's even more delicious than it sounds.
Nationals v Phillies
As baseball fans, it was only appropriate that Stanley and I do our best to get to a game while he was in town. Bryce Harper was recently called up to the majors, and Steven Strasburg was on the mound, so you know we had to see the Nats in action.
Beautiful evening to spend at the ballpark with a best friend
While Bryce Harper didn't have a great night at the plate, we were both impressed with his hustle. I even got our whole section to clap for him after he attempted (unsuccessfully) to run down a foul ball. He drew two walks and did a great job defending the plate, though; Stanley and I estimated that the opposing pitcher spent 1/3 of his pitches on Harper. That's impressive work.

The trip was so much fun, and you are certainly welcome back in DC anytime, Stanley! Or maybe next time I'll come out to LA and we'll entertain ourselves in your neck of the woods.


  1. looks like a fun visit. also, meg's hair is beautiful.

    third, jon and i were commenting the other day about mormons going to bars/concert venues and how bartenders must love you guys. i know a lot of mormons that go out and get the non-alcoholic versions of many drinks. Bars get to charge the same but don't have to use the alcohol. it's a win-win! ha ha. or is the virgin bloody mary cheaper than the alcohol version?

  2. I think the virgin bloody mary was a little cheaper there, but not by much. Certainly it was still a very high markup on basic tomato juice, tabasco, celery, salt, and pepper :)

  3. Okay, so this post made me laugh out loud! I love it when you and Stanley get together, and that you went to Medieval Madness. That good kind/evil king photo may have to go on my peg board -- pure genius. Glad you two had so much fun together, and that no matter how long it's been since you've actually lived in the same town (what is it? 15 years?) you've still made the effort to see each other whenever you can. It's awesome.

    Jen, I've been known to order Diet Cokes and be flat-out ignored by wait staff 'cause they know my tips are going to be less than someone who gets alcohol. It's a little depressing :P BUT, I DO know that virgin drinks are often less expensive than their alcoholic counterparts. At least, they were on the cruise I took last year.