May 1, 2012

Fan-Made Hunger Games Back-Story Videos

The Hunger Games movie came out just over a month ago and, not surprisingly, made a ton of money.

I know fans of the books had some gripes (as did I), but we won't get into that here.
Generally it was well received and got people even more excited about the remaining books.

As expected, fans are making YouTube videos from and about Catching Fire and Mockingjay.
Some of these fan-made videos are pretty good... and some are abysmal.

Here are some depicting back-stories related in the 2nd and 3rd Hunger Games books.

Warning! Spoilers in these videos! I recommend you read the books first, then watch.

The Second Quarter Quell (Haymitch's year in the arena)

Finnick and Annie (mostly fiction, but I think it does a great job explaining some things)

What did you think of them? Pretty cool stuff, eh?

Both of these were made by MainstayPro, which has lots of great videos. Check them out [here].

Makes me excited for the official movies to come out!


  1. What did you think of the books? Did you love them? I'm glad you finally caught decided to read them, I think they are awesome!

  2. Tamara, I loved the books! Read all three in just under a week. Basically they took over my life until I'd finished :)

  3. Lol...glad my cell phone typing made sense on what I wrote above. Glad you got what I was saying! That's how I was with them. Nothing better than a great book to consume your time when you're around at home, hopefully you didn't pass up any good golfing to sit at home and read them.