April 25, 2012

Who Wants to Join My DC Dance Walking Group?

My friend Stacee shared this Ben Aaron video on Facebook, and it is now a must-do activity for me.

The idea is great, and (as said in the video) it truly would be a great way to combine three activities:
  1. Interacting with people
  2. Seeing the city
  3. Dancing
Maybe it'll just be a one-time thing for kicks and giggles, or maybe it could be a regular activity and we'd try different places around DC to see where we get the best reactions and most people joining in.

So who's with me? The National Mall on a weekend is an ideal starting location...


  1. i love this! if i lived in DC, i would totally dance walk around the city with you. i need to start this in AVL...and a hula-hoop walking group. Tourists expect locals to be weird, I better deliver.

    my dance walking song: "don't stop till you get enough" - Michael Jackson. One of my all-time faves!

  2. I agree with Jen -- if I lived in DC, I would definitely join in with the dancing fun !

  3. Those who can't join the DC group are cordially invited to start their own local branch of our dance walking club. Just remember, pic/video or it never happened!

  4. I watched this other day and loved it! So rad, I might have to fly out and join you on this one, ha!

  5. So...I don't know you but I just saw the videos of dance walking and I would definitely LOVE to be part of a dance walking group in DC! This city needs some lighthearted dance walking fun! Let me know where and when and I'll be there!

  6. All are definitely welcome! I'll have to pick a weekend and set up an Evite or Facebook group/event. Get ready to get your groove on!