April 27, 2012

Gay Mormons: It Gets Better

This past weekend, there was a conference in Washington DC for LGBT Mormons, friends, and supporters. While I wasn't able to attend, I think it's a wonderful sign that some members of the LDS Church are changing their viewpoint about homosexuality and gender issues from exclusion to inclusion.

Recently, a couple videos have come out from LDS groups in support of LGBT Mormons, using the "It Gets Better" tagline. I applaud the makers and participants in these videos, because hatred and fire and brimstone are not productive. Love and compassion and caring are.
I include the videos here:

BYU students

Family and friends

Well made and to the point.

I'm hopeful that more people will speak up, and do so in a spirit of love and inclusion. All are welcome and loved, or should be, especially by followers of the LDS Church, who have so much to give.

Sidenote: While researching, I came across the MoHo Directory, which links to blogs by gay Mormons and supporters. Thought I'd share, just in case anyone would like to read more stories or thoughts on this topic. 

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