March 31, 2012

Men Just Want to Be Handy and Helpful

This evening, I was talking with my buddy Dan about his man-cave, and I realized how much I miss working with my hands and be handy. Being an office professional just doesn't fulfill that need.

There is such value in physically doing work and in creating/building/fixing things.

While both women and men have this inclination, my observation has been that men seek it out more, and the effort is especially satisfying when helping someone (even if capable of doing it on their own).

So here are a few things I did this weekend, at their request, to satisfy this desire:
    -Disassembled furniture for Emily
    -Fixed bike tires for Shandi
    -Replaced headlight bulbs for Erin
Anybody have something else for me to do? I'd be much obliged to be put to work.

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