February 27, 2012

February Photo-a-Day: Week 4

Note: I spaced a couple days, so I'm using old pics to fit the bill on those.

Feb 20 (Monday) - Handwriting
President's Day at the Jefferson Memorial
Feb 21 (Tuesday) - A fave photo of you
Back when I was just a wee little Superman
Feb 22 (Wednesday) - Where you work
This is an old pic from back before we got dual monitors in my group
Feb 23 (Thursday) - Your shoes
My main shoes, except my golf shoe should be there, too
Feb 24 (Friday) - Inside your bathroom cabinet
I don't have a cabinet, so this drawer houses many of my items
Feb 25 (Saturday) - Green
An old pic from golfing with Will at Lake Presidential GC
Feb 26 (Sunday) - Night
They say "light dispels darkness", but sometimes it isn't by much
That's the last full week. Only three days left of this challenge.

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