February 2, 2012

Disney Fashionista Drawings

A friend of mine posted these fashionista drawings of various Disney characters.

They were created by DeviantArt's viria13, and they're pretty well done, don't you think?
Yes, the artist recognized that Anastasia isn't a Disney movie, but thematically she fits right in.

Oh, and I didn't know who Tiana and Kida were, so I had to Google them.
Guess I need to watch some of the newer Disney movies, too, but I just prefer the classics!

Which one is your favorite in the drawings? Which outfit(s) would you wear, ladies?


  1. I love Rapunzel, Anastatia, and Snow White-I would wear them all.

    Buuutt Aurora is my absolute favorite and ironically enough I'm wearing a similar outfit today.

  2. I like Belle's outfit the best. Next options? Snow White's outfit or Mulan's (for a comfy day).

    I didn't know who Tiana or Kida were either...woops!

  3. Aurora is how i'd prefer to dress, Mulan is how I actually dress. ha ha.

  4. I just realized I spelled Anastasia wrong. Really? I promise I'm not a complete dunce. Oy.

  5. My favorites are Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Tiana, though my current outfit is a little Anastasia today.

    And I don't recommend Atlantis. It wasn't bad (I adore Milo as the main character, especially since he's voiced my Michael J. Fox), just kind of blah... I wasn't prepared for it to be an intense, kind of creepy, non-musical.