January 8, 2012

A Slow and Sultry Slow Dance Party

When was the last time you had a full night of slow dancing?
Maybe you got in a few songs on New Years Eve, or perhaps at a recent wedding?

I just had a solid 3 hours of swaying to some chill beats.
My friends Patricia and Danielle hosted a Snow Ball yesterday, and the express goal of the night's activities was to promote socialization through slow dancing.

The Snow Ball's tag line? "Coordination is optional. Awkwardness is encouraged."


Emily and I were the early birds. In fact, we were the first non-hosts there.
Normally that might be kinda nerdy, but we quite enjoyed having the dance floor to ourselves.
Phil Collins set the mood for the evening
After a few songs, folks started showing up.

And they kept on showing up for several hours.

And everybody brought their slow dancing skills along. Oh yeah.
Eventually, it was so crowded that you could barely do turns and it was quite loud.
But no one minded, because we all were having fun socializing.

With cute girls like these in attendance, all decked out in their black-and-white stripes, it's all good.
So keep those slow jams coming, DJ.
And sway on, swayers.


  1. This is brilliant. Simply brilliant.

    I haven't had nearly enough slow dancing since High School.

  2. Love slow dancing! Thanks for the blog shout out.

    You know what one of the best things about throwing a slow dance party is? Making the playlist! Seriously. So many gems.