January 16, 2012

Making the Plate Straight

I've had a couple ongoing projects, but this was a quick one I hammered out a little while back. Literally.

During the most recent Thanksgiving trip to Philly, someone (we figure a drunk person) tried to pull my license plate off. They succeeded only in breaking the license plate cover and bending my plate.
I figured it was about time to straighten the plate, so I used a screwdriver to remove the plate (what the Philly person should have done). Neither a hammer nor pliers properly bent the metal without disfiguring it more in other areas. Eventually, due to its pliability, I decided my bare hands were the best option.
Worked pretty good, right? Not 100% back to its original shape, but close enough. Especially when I put the new BYU cover over it. (Thanks for the Christmas present, mom!)
Though just a little project, it feels good to have Mindy Mazda looking spiffy again.

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