December 30, 2011

Which Disney Prince are You?

Do you like taking online quizzes?

While I love trivia- and fact-based games, I don't take too many online quizzes.
I guess they just make me think of those magazines near the checkout of the grocery store.
Not exactly heady or intellectual stuff.

But sometimes they're fun.

Girls like to know which Disney princess they are. This is a fact of the universe.
I wouldn't have gone looking for this, but Emily sent me a link to this online quiz.
Apparently there's a corresponding male version of that quiz to see which Disney prince a guy is.
There are some pretty interesting Disney princes (and pseudo-princes) when you think about it.

Tarzan (not an official prince) is a beast. Sensitive and kind to all living creatures. Innocent and protective.
The Beast, aka Prince Adam, is literally a beast. But the opposite from Tarzan. Angry, violent, cynical.

Aladdin is a greedy criminal, albeit a good-hearted one. A sneaky orphan with a silver tongue.
Prince Charming is well, a prince. Not too chatty as I recall, but was a decent ballroom dancer.

Li Shang is by-the-book, almost to a fault. He's big and strong and keeps his long hair in a ponytail.
Flynn Rider lives without rules. More of a wily, dodgy type and lets his long hair flow freely.

Anyway... my results were:
I'm pretty happy with that description of Prince Phillip, and I hope it's a true description of me.
Brave, noble, willing to stand up for the ones I love. Softer side, and I do like a good smooch!

So guys, which prince are you? Or which one do you think your significant other is, ladies?

Also, if you gals want to find out, here is the quiz to see which Disney princess you are. Enjoy!

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  1. I must say, Prince Phillip is a perfect fit for you! Courageous? Sense of humor? Sweet and romantic? Yep!

    I tend to think I'd be attracted to a "Tarzan"-type guy, but in reality I find it easier to talk with Aladdins. Maybe I should take the quiz and find out for sure!