December 8, 2011

Mad Gabs Poetry: Noah Wyle & Tricky Dick Edition

Do you love the game Mad Gab?*
Do you love poetry, especially writing it?
Last night, Emily and I made up an activity combining Mad Gab and writing poetry.

After playing the game for a few minutes, we held onto the last 5 cards (which is 10 puzzles) and had to write a poem using some of those Mad Gab solutions.

Here are the words/phrases we had available:
  1. bet your bottom dollar
  2. don't talk to strangers
  3. exterminator
  4. big man on campus
  5. Noah Wyle
  6. when do we start
  7. liquid detergent
  8. I am not a crook
  9. Subaru Motors
  10. I Dream of Jeannie
Here's the poem that I came up with:
When Doc Noah Wyle walks into a room,
The ladies may faint or at least start to swoon.
They struggle to walk; they can't find the door;
Like bugs that have been sprayed by an exterminator.
As the hospital's big man on campus, or BMOC,
He's the star, like Larry Hagman, from I Dream of Jeannie.
Where is the patient? When do we start?
Noah asks as the nurses wheel in the cart.
Are you good at your job? Do you stick to the letter?
Bet your bottom dollar, sir, you're gonna get better. 
Remember when the show E.R. was a big deal?
And here's Emily's poem:
Bet your bottom dollar
To get ring around the collar
Out of all your shirts you'll need liquid detergent
And dear Nixon should have known
That his scheme would soon be blown
"I am not a crook" he said; a new president's urgent.
Tricky Dick
Fun, huh?

This activity may sound ridiculous (and maybe it is), but you should give it a try. We sure had fun with it!

*In case you're hooked, you can play Mad Gab online [here].

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