November 1, 2011

What's Scarier to Adults than Halloween? This.

It's always frightening when the gas light comes on.

Well, my new car goes one step further and tells me exactly when I'm about to run out of gas.
That's a good thing, but apparently I am taking too much advantage of this feature.
Oh the horror! The horror!
So far, I've gotten down to under 1 mile remaining on two occasions.

Time to get back into following my dad's advice of filling up at 1/4 tank. He's a smart fellow.


  1. I always fill up at 350 miles. I generally can get 450 miles per tank so I'm always safe. And now that I work from home, I went from filling up every single week to less than once a month, so now I just fill up before I drive out of town for anything. :)
    I HATE running out of gas. Hate it.

  2. In 15 years of driving (whoa) I've run out of gas once. The irony of it was I was driving to GET gas, and luckliy I was still in my neighborhood. I DID have to call my uncle to rescue me-he didn't let me live it down for a LONG time.
    Filling up always gives me anxiety-mostly because I remember when it cost $20 to fill up my little corolla and now it's almost $40.
    (But I must admit that I rarely fill up at a 1/4 tank-much to my dad and Mr Wonderful's chagrin. I usually wait for the gas light to come on-right around the time the needle is floating around the 'E'.)