November 17, 2011

An Expensive 48 Hours

Are you usually pretty good about saving, and then you'll just go on a quick spending spree?
I guess that's my style, and it's been an expensive last 48 hours.

Here's the rundown, in order of purchase.

100 die cut felt Movember mustaches - Etsy: $20
1 round-trip ticket to Utah for Christmas - $695
2 Nutcracker tickets - Kennedy Center: $240
1 Deco TV stand - Craigslist: $70
2 fancy massages - Groupon: $105

That's a grand total of $1,130, or almost $24 per hour.


Looks like my dinners will be based on tuna fish and Top Ramen for the next couple weeks.


  1. I'm not sure if the roundtrip ticket to Utah for Christmas is my favorite purchase or the tickets to the Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center! I wish I could fly back there just to see it!!

  2. Re: tickets to UT - OUCH! This is why I never fly for the holidays unless I'm going somewhere exotic. It's insane how much ticket prices jump.

    Re: spending money in a short amount of time...I have spent approximately $42,000 since August. Granted, it's for a full-house renovation, but still. I really wish I had an owner stake in Home Depot.

  3. How sweet of you to buy Nutcracker tickets for me!
    I kid....kind of.

    I suddenly do not feel so horrid about MY holiday plane ticket purchase. I stalked (yeah for this being your choice!) for two months and finally relented at the lowest price I've seen to date. Yes, I continue to look. I escaped with only $420 of damage. But you are better friends with Benjamin than I am, so I'm sure you'll be fine:-)