October 26, 2011

Star Wars Pumpkins

Two things I love, combined into one: Star Wars and pumpkin-carving.

Sadly, I can't claim any of these as my own... yet.
"It was as if a million pumpkin seeds cried out and were suddenly silenced..."
HT: Jared Gillins
Boba Fett
The Emperor
Talent + way too much time = show-off over-achiever
If those weren't enough to blow your mind, check out these 7 Star Wars pumpkins!
Do you have a favorite genre or maybe a specific jack o'lantern pattern?


  1. I made the mistake of clicking the link to that blog. Gah! I could spend ALL day looking at those amazing designs!

    Did you carve any pumpkins this year? If so, will you mail me the seeds? Pretty please?

  2. Um. Sad confession? Never seen any Star Wars movies. :/ Maybe that should be fixed sometime in my life.

    As for Jack-o-lanterns, I've done the paper patterns where you trace and then carve. I usually prefer to just have no plan and see what happens :) Then my pumpkins end up looking like a second grader carved them. No art skills here.

  3. i change it up from year to year. Sometimes I make random faces, sometimes characters, one year I just took a drill bit that created different sized holes and drilled a bunch of different ones all over. one year i did a "w" for our last name, in 2008 I did Obama's logo. But I feel like those kits are cheating! Go free hand or go home! ha ha.

  4. Larissa: Hmm, maybe I'll have to be the first to do an Ewok...

    Megan: I'm doing one in a group for work (due Friday), and I'll do one tonight at my friend's "punkin guttin" party. If I can get some seeds, I'll mail 'em to ya!

    Cheri: That must be rectified. Pronto! And that's hilarious about the 2nd grader skills :)

    Jen: Sounds like a good variety, and bonus points for the abstract circles pumpkin. While I like free hand, I must admit I've used stencils on occasion. Please don't judge me too harshly!

  5. Hooray! My fingers are crossed! Have fun at the party tonight :^)