October 11, 2011

Dream BAMF, Jack Bauer's Partner

Guy Smiley may be a mild-mannered accountant and blogger by day, but he chases bad guys with Jack Bauer by night. Or at least that's what I dreamed last night.
You can see why Jack chose me to be his BAMF partner. The similarities are eerie.
Technically, I woke up right before we caught the kidnapper after our high-speed motorcycle chase. So I'm hoping we caught him and that I wasn't the expendable sidekick that gets killed during the gunfight...

Heck, it's my dream, right? I'm gonna say I got shot in the shoulder but survived. That's reasonable enough.


  1. It drives me nuts when I wake up just before the resolution! I definitely think you would have survived, especially as Jack's wingman. At worst, you're the plucky comic relief, and we all know they are much more likely to survive than your average redshirt :)

  2. Aaron, do you really think that Jack Bauer would choose a guy wearing Mickey Mouse for his wingman? ha ha. You make it look pretty bada$$ :)

  3. Megan - Thanks for the support. I sure hope my Boy Scout training would come in handy as Jack's wingman and would keep me alive.

    Jen - You're totally right. But maybe my Mickey Mouse shirt supports my sister's idea that I'm the plucky comic relief...

  4. I wouldn't even say you got shot in the shoulder. Jack Bauer is pretty awesome so I'm sure he probably hit the kidnapper to the ground before he got any shots in and you two took him into custody. What a cool dream that is, I'd love to have a 24 dream. :)