September 5, 2011

Best/Worst Halloween Costume?

If you haven't seen this video, it's about time you did.
Two questions:
1) If I acquired an alto sax and learned how to play "Careless Whisper", would it be the best Halloween costume of all time, or the worst? I kinda don't think there's any gray area.
2) If my friend Matt is already replicating this (not sure if for Halloween or just for fun), does that mean I can't?

Oh, and my apologies for getting this tune stuck in your head all day.


  1. ha ha. glad you found this video and love it as much as we do. My brother in law has a sax and said those 5 notes would be incredibly easy to learn. So I say - if you can do the actual playing - best costume ever. If you just walk into the party in leather pants and a mullet holding a sax - worst costume. :)
    And if your friend is planning to wear the same costume - you better prepare for a sax-off!

  2. Only thing better than one mullet-ed man in tight leather pants playing the sax? TWO mullet-ed men in tight leather pants playing their sax's.
    (Eeek. That sounds dirty...)
    Sexy sax men, here comes the best Halloween ever:-)

  3. You gals are wonderful. Thanks for the encouragement and for the vaguely dirty comments :)