August 22, 2011

Norm Nemrow, BYU Accounting Legend, Retires

Last night I received my Summer 2011 edition of the BYU School of Accountancy newsletter.
The front page had a title that brought back a flood of memories from my days in the Tanner Building.
Professor Norm Nemrow has retired.

If you've never heard of Norm, he's kind of a modern-day legend on BYU campus.
He created and stars in the Accounting 200 (Intro to Accounting: The Language of Business) class CDs. That means anyone who does a major or minor in business or decides to take the course as an elective--no idea why anyone would do that--has spent hours and hours looking at Norm's face and hearing his voice expound on the basics of accounting.

Pretty much, if someone on BYU campus is focusing intently on their computer, there are four possible explanations:
  1. Perusing the Facebook photo albums of their current co-ed crush,
  2. Checking out Jimmer Fredette highlights,
  3. Shopping for both modest Shade Clothing and the sexiest Victoria's Secret bikini available,
  4. Or watching Norm (hopefully on between 1.5-2.0 speed).
Best of luck to Norm as he goes forward into retirement. His legend will live on (at least as long as Accounting 200 uses his CDs).

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