July 25, 2011

Metallica Monday: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Today's Metallica Monday is dedicated to the very talented, troubled, and late Amy Winehouse.
To my knowledge, Metallica never did an official cover of a Winehouse song, nor vice versa, so I've chosen a song to wish her well going to her post-mortal home, where her earthly demons will no longer torment her.

Most likely you've all heard by now that Ms. Winehouse passed away over the weekend. While it hasn't been confirmed, based on her past issues, the general presumed cause is a drug overdose. I imagine her addiction was much like being trapped in the place described by Metallica.

"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)".

1 comment:

  1. Amy Winehouse died? Man, I didn't use Internet for four days and I missed that. Wow. Sad that people die like that!