July 18, 2011

Help Me Pick a Charity

My bank (Wachovia) is merging into Wells Fargo. As part of that merger, they're going to donate money to several charities, based on the votes of current bank members.
All of the options are excellent, and while all will receive funds from Wells Fargo, I just can't decide which to choose.

In order to determine my vote, I'd like your help.
Here are the options, with links and their impact focus:

A) Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington - juvenile crime, teenage pregnancy and STDs, childhood obesity, and lack of arts programming.

B) Capital Area Food Bank - hunger and nutrition.

D) Goodwill of Greater Washington - job training services to people with disadvantage and disabilities.

E) March of Dimes (Maryland-National Capital Area Chapter) - preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

As you can see, these are all important causes, so I appreciate your vote and, if you'd like to, a brief snippet of why you chose the charity you did.

And of course, if you have funds you'd also like to give directly, I fully encourage your doing so to any of the charities above.

Thanks so much for your help and input!


  1. I would say March of Dimes. I think they are all great charities; however, I would pick this one personally. I think it is important to support causes like March of Dimes because making sure infants are healthy at birth will affect the rest of their lives.

  2. Boys & Girls Club - providing kids with a positive environment helps them become positive adults. =)

  3. Wow. That really is a tough call. I think I would go with the Boys and Girls Club, because our teenagers really have a lot to deal with and could use all the support possible.

  4. Since she isn't going to, and just so I don't forget, I'm commenting to add my friend Katy's vote for Boys and Girls Club.

  5. Boys and Girls Club-I think if teens got involved in the right activities and received great support then they could avoid a lot of the trouble that so many teens face these days. This could help them grow up to make wiser choices and become successful, positive adults.

  6. Looks like Boys & Girls Club is the winner. Thanks for your votes!