June 1, 2011

The Amazing Golfball Whacker Guy

Did you know I golf?

If you didn't, you do now.

My parents let my brother Pete and I take golf lessons one summer back in my junior high days (if I remember correctly).
They bought us some used clubs from the D.I., which were probably just right for our skill level.

Then I didn't really play for a long, long time.
My main exposure to golf was my friend Clint, who played on our high school's team.
Note: that team won the state championship.
So he's really good.

After I got home from my mission, I spent half of a summer selling pest control in southern California.

We did well in that half summer, so I had cash to burn.
My buddies had been convinced by Clint to take up golf, and one of them, Nick, helped me pick out some used Taylormade clubs from a golf store.

I played sporadically over the years during college, and even took a golf class during my masters year at BYU.
My thought process was, "If I'm going to be in the business world, I should know how to golf."
Turns out, with a little instruction, I was a decent player.
My big excitement was winning the end-of-class chipping and putting competition.
My grand prize? A sleeve of three golf balls.

More sporadic playing followed in my first few years in DC.
And then this summer, I decided I wanted to become a consistent golfer with a respectable (read: much lower) handicap.

So I joined the Marriott golf league and I've been playing as much as I can.
Sometimes that's three or four times a week.
I'm loving it.

My scores are coming down, too.
I'm down to 14-15 from what was easily a 20+ handicap, and I'm figuring things out more each time I hit the driving range.

Along with my improving skill, I figured it was time to upgrade my equipment.

I'd been discussing deals with Clint and Nick this week, and last Friday I pulled the trigger.
After work, I went to Dick's, did some testing, and bought a new set of Taylormade clubs, including a Burner Superfast driver, Burner fairway and rescue woods, and Burner HT irons (4-AW).

They're real purdy.

Can't wait to test them out in league play this week!

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