June 14, 2011

7 Tips for a 7-Year-Old

Today my nephew, the G-man, turns 7 years old. Happy birthday, little buddy!

Here's my favorite recent photo (thanks to your folks for sharing), and it's just how I imagine you every day:
Okay, enough monkeying around.

Since you're now 7 years-old, here are 7 tips of your uncle's hard-earned wisdom.
  1. Every time you see them, give Grammy and Bopbop the biggest bear hug you can. We Smyths have a knack for giving a good hug, and they'll appreciate it more than anyone.
  2. Tell your parents you love them. You won't know just how much you mean it until you're much older, but you just can't ever say it enough at any age.
  3. Treat your sisters like princesses, because that's exactly what they are. For now, you'll have to trust me on this one. It took your dad and his brothers far too long to recognize that truth about our sister.
  4. Say your prayers. The Big Guy listens and cares what you're going through and how you feel about things.
  5. Go outside, play, and get dirty as often as you can. You'll miss it someday if you end up working in an office. Also, start golfing now. Or at least by the time you're 12. Again, trust me on this.
  6. Don't expect to figure girls out 100%. They're not math problems that can be solved. Like a puzzle or a mystery book, the joy is found in figuring out small things one at a time and in seeing the beauty of their complexity.
  7. When you're on a cruise, and there's ice cream available 24-7, go-crazy-go-nuts. What? You say you already did that? Well played, young sir. Then you're well on your way to being a savvy 8 year-old.
Love you oodles and oodles, G-man!

-Unkie Aaron

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  1. This is brilliant! I'll make sure the G-man sees it. I love you, bro! Thank you for being so very, very you!