May 6, 2011

Now Kill His Dream

Three musings today:
  1. As excited as I was to shave the mustache off, now I kinda miss it. I just don't look the same in the mirror, and it's gonna take a bit to get used to it. Only 364 more days until next Cinco de Mustache, though. So that's a positive.
  2. I was going to get a haircut at lunch, but there was a line at Haircuttery and I didn't feel like waiting. So this means my sister will get to see the mullet (and report back to mom). Can't wait to hear what they think. haha
  3. My roommate gets "The Economist" magazine, and I loved the cover this week.There's been a lot of controversy since bin Laden's death, but I like how this cover reminds us of what our troops are fighting for and why they're putting themselves in harm's way on a daily basis. Or at least that's what it does for me.
That's all. Enjoy your Friday night.

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