May 21, 2011

Muddy, Turkey Leg-Gobbling Warriors

Ever heard of the Warrior Dash? If not, you need to look into one near you. So much fun!

We had a good-sized group of runner friends that met up to run the Budds Creek, MD, race on Saturday.
Look how nice and clean we started out.
That was before we ran through a muddy forest, climbed over cargo nets,
ran over hay bales, jumped over fire lines, and crawled through a mud pit.
And here is what we looked like afterward.
There just something so soul-cleansing about getting absolutely filthy this way.
Note: scrubbing out the cuts on my knees later wasn't quite as enjoyable.
Look how happy Brenan's tummy is to have done this race and gotten so dirty.
Of course, you have to celebrate becoming an official warrior with a big turkey leg.
We could only fake being tough guys for about 15 seconds. This is the real us.
I don't know how it happens, but I always see the Holly and Amber at races in the DC area.
Look forward to inevitably seeing you two at the next one!
Yep, that's a pile of shoes. Mine are in there somewhere. Props to the race directors for washing these all and giving them to kids in third-world countries that need shoes.
See you next year, my fellow Warriors! And we will recruit more for our pillaging and plundering!

Update on 5/24: Just saw the results, and I took 714th out of over 8,700 runners.
Maybe I'd have made a decent Viking after all...

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