April 10, 2011

10-Miler on No Training? No Problem

Usually it's a good idea to train for running races.
I've had some injuries for the last while, and a big case of lazybug to go with it.
So I hadn't really trained before the GW Parkway Classic 10-Miler.

Oh well.

My friend Athena was also running, so I picked her up and we headed to Old Town Alexandria to catch our bus to the start line at Mount Vernon.
When we got there, we ran into our friend Jaysen, who was there with his girl and her family.
Ready to run!
I went with a classic American theme, and Athena went fluorescent.
The weather was really nice, as it was kinda overcast and that kept temperatures down. I went out nice and slow, and tried to stay consistent over the distance.
While I faded a bit between miles 6-9, I busted my butt in the final mile (ran sub-7 min, yikes!) and finished with a very respectable 1:20:38. That's just about 8 min miles, which I'm very happy to be able to do, especially without proper training.

Encouraging for the summer, if I can just stay healthy and get my butt in gear and off the couch!

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