November 25, 2010

A Puffy Paint Turkey Trot

Ah, Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday.

With the day of gratitude come two activities I love: pie night and turkey trots. Friends and I decided we should combine the two by having a dessert/pie night and make puffy paint shirts to wear to the S.O.M.E. Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger.

Here are the pies I contributed so we'd have the proper sugar-fueled strength for puffy paint shirt-making.
The prime instigators of our creative and athletic team: Angela, Becca, and Matt.
I forget if it was Becca or Lisa that came up with the potato stencil idea, but whoever made it was a genius. So impressive and festive!
Lisa using the stencil, wielding the paintbrush, and wearing her warpaint.
Matt shows us the proper method for quick-drying the paint, so we wouldn't have to wait around all night and miss out on valuable sleep necessary for running in the morning.
Look how cute! And I'm not just talking about Angela; the shirt is pretty nice, too.
Wonderful making a new friend. Thanks for inviting her down to DC, Matt!
The whole gang, ready to run bright and early in the morning. Our orange shirts definitely made it easier to spot each other during and after the 5K.
Puffy paint squad, ready for action.
Still smiling as they approach the finish line. Speedy and grateful is a winning combo.
Plus, we had a major bonus. We're famous! The race photographer took a picture of us, which ended up in the January-February 2011 copy of the Washington Running Report.

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