November 1, 2010

Halloween Bash

Since Halloween was on Sunday this year, we mostly celebrated on Saturday night. Wes, Justin, and Dan hosted a house party and we had a lot of fun there playing games and enjoying food and beverages.
Rachael as a "Peace of S#*&", Jackie as a pirate, Michelle as Wilma Flintstone, and me as a 1930s mobster.
The officers from Reno 911 make a huge bust!
Wes had to change costumes after his pet parrot deposited a present on the front of his cop uniform. Welcome to the party, rocker Wes!
Rich and friends had great costumes: Ina as doctor, Matt as runny nose, me as mobster, Liz as "thinking outside the box", and Rich as Peter Pan.
Ryan was rockin' the referee costume
Another great Halloween, spent with friends and having lots of fun!

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