August 13, 2010

Redskins vs Bills

Marriott had free tickets for the first NFL pre-season game here, and my buddy Ryan and I were happy to snag them and go. This was my second NFL game ever, the first being a 49ers game in San Francisco with my dad.

We made the mistake of taking metro to the game, so we didn't get there until the 2nd quarter. By that point, the starters had already scored several touchdowns and were done for the night. But we watched the 2nd and 3rd quarters from our nose-bleed seats and had a good time up with the passionate blue-collar fans.
At the end of the 3rd, we met up with Jimmy and his roommate Lindsey, and then all four of us went down and sat about 20 rows up. The ticket guy didn't even check us, since there were so many open seats and the 'Skins had already wrapped the game up with a couple more convincing touchdowns. The view was much-improved from there.
Ryan and Lindsey, tell us how you feel about the 'Skins...

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