May 7, 2010

Would You Say I Have a Plethora of Piñatas?

When the ladies of the Crown Royal (street reference, not a reference to the alcoholic beverage) house decide to throw a party, you know it's gonna be a good one. So you'd better set aside some time and get your booty down there. Well, Cinco de Mayo is certainly a holiday deserving of their attention and celebratory prowess.
They of course had lots of snacks, drinks, and desserts, but they also went the extra mile to have an actual piñata, which provided for fun both in the breaking and in the gathering of 5-cent candies off the ground upon its demise.
What Crown Royal party would be complete without some dancing? While there wasn't as much dancing as I've normally come to expect at these ladies' parties, I think the activities were sufficient and substantial, and the "photo booth" area was fantastic, as can clearly be seen in the following examples.
We all had a great time at the fiesta, and we're glad the Mexican army was able to defeat the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Even if most people in Mexico don't even celebrate it, we're happy it gives us another reason to get together and have tres leches cake and fried ice cream.
Thanks for the party, girls!

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