December 28, 2009

Not Shredding. Sledding!

"The family that plays together, stays together."

Utah has amazing opportunities for outdoor adventures. We chose from the options and went with sledding at Gorgoza Park so that everyone could go (except Grammy and Granpa who stayed home with the twinners, and Megan who had to work) and it wouldn't be super expensive. To be clear, I guess it was actually tubing, but sledding works better for my blogpost title, so I'm sticking to that.The brothers just enjoying spending time up on the perfectly groomed slope and not having to work for the runs, since there's a tow rope. Isn't it great not having to trudge up the snowy hill like when we were little tikes?Adam and Linds are such a great couple. Completely perfect for each other and it amazes me that people as great as these can find each other in this world and everything works out for them to get together. I know they aren't perfect people, but somehow they are perfect together.Being in Utah is so relaxing to me. None of the cares of work and hectic East coast life. Plus, knowing that I'll be starting a new job at Marriott the second week in January makes everything particularly chill.The soon-to-be newest Smyth family. Jordyn and Peter are excellent together, and another couple that I love watching interact. Can't wait to have them both out in Philly to see them more often. I missed most of their courtship since I was already in the DC area, so it'll be great to get to know her more and have another Smyth on the other side of the country with me.Dave is a character. Always has been and always will be. This kid is in-the-know on funny and he makes me laugh all the time. He brought laughter this time by accidentally grabbing two right handed gloves. Bwahahahaha!This Smyth family is a riot. Gunner is such a combination of Adam and Linds (that's a good thing, in case you weren't sure lol).This is my mountain man fashion. Think we'll see it on the catwalks in Paris and/or Milan anytime soon? Nope, neither do I.

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