December 5, 2009

Gingerbread Bowl

My friend Claire came over and brought us a fun project to work on: gingerbread houses! She made one for her parents' house and I made one for my apartment. It's a very satisfying thing to take a bunch of seemingly random parts from this
to a standing edifice like thisto a highly-polished and potentially award-winning finished product like this
And how did we accomplish our building feat? By reading the instructions, of course!
Of course, prior to decorating and reaching that third stage, we had to give the walls and roof some time to set. Since we didn't feel like just kickin' around the apartment, we decided to go bowling. Needless to say, being the expert bowlers that we are, there was a lot of this
and this
hahaha Yeah right. But at least we had fun and got out of the apartment for a bit :P

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