December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Cravens

Some traditions are timeless and I will weep if they ever change too much. One such tradition is our Christmas Eve with the Cravens. We allow for some evolution when necessary, but we resist drastic changes. Here is a quick run-down.
  • Potato soup for dinner -- Note: used to be clam chowder, but switched when allergies were discovered.
  • Each person saying one thing they're thankful for that year, and then lighting their candle on the previous person's candle.
  • Acting out the Nativity with full costumes -- Note: there has been some experimentation with this. Mostly out of Luke chapter 2, but we've tried using the Book of Mormon and a musical version in recent years.
  • Family talent show -- The talents change from year to year, but I'm always impressed with how many skills and the great variety in our families.
  • Christmas carols played with hand bells -- Professional technique for quieting the bells.
  • Slush drink, syrup-drenched cranberry cake, and assorted candies -- Delicious; certainly not nutritious.
  • Claymation and Charlie Brown Christmas videos -- Personal favorite is the Carol of the Bells. And Bryce's "I lost mine" is spot on.

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