December 10, 2009

Birthday Messages

Birthdays are fun, because (hopefully) you get lots of messages from friends and family wishing you well and extending positivity in your direction through thoughts, words, and actions. While I appreciated all of the "happy birthdays" I received this year, here are a couple of my favorites, for various reasons:

Text Messages

  • Clint B: Happy birthday you sexy beast!
  • Adam, Linds, G, S, & Z: Happy happy birthday to you. Your birthday pony is in the mail. We really hope it doesn't get lost. Love you.
  • Stanley S: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! You look like a monkey, and you smell like what I think Pierce Brosnan smells like. Feliz cumpleanos hermano!
  • Stanley S: I was just kidding. You don't really look like a monkey.
Facebook Wallposts

  • Darren H: Happy birthday! May you continue to school me in fantasy baseball.
  • Marlayne PN: Happy Happy birthday punkin'.
  • Jen KP: Happy birthday!!!! I truly hope your hair didn't all fall out, that would be just terrifying. Not that you wouldn't look good bald...
  • Jane M: Happy Birthday to you, Smyth!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. And don't listen to all those people who say a gut and less hair is an unattractive combo - they're just jealous!
  • Brad P (note, this is a special birthday haiku): A fantastic friend. And a very clean roommate. Happy Birthday Smyth.
  • Haley WG: Happy Birthday Aaron. If I had a box of Nutri-Grains and the $50 it would cost to ship them to you I would! Hope you have a great one.
  • Meg S: Happy birthday Smythie!!! I like you the way I are...

Some of these involve inside jokes and some go all the way back to junior high, but they all brought a smile to my face (as did the rest of the "happy birthdays" that I received). Thanks so much to everyone for making my birthday and birthday week a great one!

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