November 28, 2009

Jetsons, Here We Come!

So right now I'm on a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Baltimore, Maryland.

And I'm on the internet.



1452: Gutenberg prints the first book.
1492: Lead pencils first used. Colorful plants rejoice.
1714: Typewriter patented.
1765: First steamboat voyage.
1790: Shoelace invented. Adios, shoe buckles!
1802: Steam locomotive patented.
1819: Bicycle patented. Lance Armstrong's ancestors feel strange new sense of greatness.
1844: First telegraph message.
1862: Machine guns patented and bowling balls invented. It was a very good year.
1867: Nobel patents dynamite. Future Boy Scouts rejoice.
1876: First telephone call by Alexander Graham Bell. He is charged a $10 first-timer fee by his provider.
1886: Karl Benz patents first automobile.
1903: Wright brothers complete first airplane flight. Ostriches and penguins extremely jealous.
1928: Scotch tape marketed. FOTC starts writing hilarious song.
Etc, etc, etc. Click here for a great and overly extensive technology timeline.
2009: I'm using the internet on a plane. Awesome.

At this rate of technological innovation, my Jetsons car must already be in production somewhere in Japan and should be shipped later next week.

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