October 22, 2009

Lost in Yonkers... in DC

I am fascinated by other cultures and religions. I believe that every faith and society can teach us something and enrich our lives as we are open to their teachings and allow ourselves to be connected to other people by learning about them and from their experiences.So when my friend Kaysha (who writes the Weekend Picks highlights for dcist.com) put the word out that a group was going to see a pay-what-you-can production of "Lost in Yonkers" at the DC Jewish Community Center, I was stoked to join them. My friend Jess from work was also interested, so she came, too. We all met at the DCJCC a little before the performance, chatted for a bit, and then went in.I was impressed by the professionalism of the entire production. I didn't expected a community center performance to be of such high quality. But I guess there's a reason that the Jews dominate the entertainment industry :)The theater was nice, the sound system was flawless, the writing was great (by Neil Simon, who wrote "Barefoot in the Park" and "The Odd Couple"), and the actors and actresses were fantastic (delivering dramatic and humorous lines equally with ease). I'd recommend this show to anyone who can get a ticket--and they're already going fast!

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