August 16, 2009

Back to My Utah Roots: August Edition

Note: I'm writing this post in March 2012. I'll mostly use pictures to keep this as a reminder of fun things done. Also, while I was dating Shonni at the time, I won't include much of her here. Thanks, and read on!

The main reason for this Utah trip was my 10-year high school reunion [see post here], but that doesn't mean it wasn't also a great opportunity to spend casual time with friends and family.
Brunch at the Park Cafe near Liberty Park
Trail running up Provo Canyon
My friend Carly had a farewell party, since she finally decided to follow her dreams and move out to New York City to pursue a career in professional dance. She's already made quite a name for herself as a dancer and dance teacher, so this is a great and logical next step. Go get 'em, Carly!
Had to get in a little golf, and the miniature variety was all I had time for.
My mom and Gunner let me tag along to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, and we quite enjoyed looking at all the sea creatures and learning about their similarities and differences.
Gunner wasn't the only rugrat that I couldn't get enough of. The twin nieces also got lots of loving. With such cute hands and feet like these, how could I not be excited to snuggle them?
And some quality time with the little ones' parents was also definitely in order. A couple of characters!
Chocolate fondue? You betcha!
And a little wrestling just to work off some fondue calories
Shonni's aunt invited Gunner and me to join their clan at the pool one day, so we definitely had to soak up the rays and do some diving board tricks.
Gunner was brave and went down the slide; I was there to catch him
Later, Gunner was my personal photographer while I went to Cottonwood Pediatric for a dental check-up. The dentist there is the best; you should take your kids there. [Full disclosure: the dentist is my dad.] I've known some of these hygienists longer than many of my friends. Wonderful ladies!
Dee can get away with pinching my butt as if I were still 10 years old
Stacee cracks me up
With my pops, the best pediatric dentist around
My sister Megan invited us to join her in seeing the Sandy Amphitheater production of Horton Hears a Who, and her awesome friend Skye was the main attraction. Doesn't she just look like the coolest girl?
Lunch with my buddies Stanley and Steve. Some of my earliest friends on this earth.
The reunion was luckily close to my mom's birthday, so I was able to attend the celebration. Happy birthday, mom! We love you so much!
My dad had surgery, but look how happy he is now to be recovering. Heal up quickly, dad!

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