July 20, 2009

"Lordy, We in High Cotton Now"

Living in the Greater DC area has its moments. It's quite metropolitan, and people come ehre from all over the world. Due to its government-employment dominance and fancy-suit wearing residents, I often forget that it's technically in the South. Granted, if you drive about 45 minutes south on I-95, you quickly become aware of the Southern-ocity of Virginia.

Today I was reminded that Virginia (even Northern Virginia) is indeed in the South. I was heating up my lunch in the office lunchroom and a few ladies were eating and conversing. I tuned in at just the right moment, and they were talking about the leftovers from some meeting in one of the conference rooms that morning. Stuff like croissants, fresh fruit, etc. Then one of the ladies mentioned quiche and her friend responded, "Lordy, we in high cotton now!"

Awesome. Welcome to the South, friends.

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