July 12, 2009

Family Picture Time

We hadn't gotten a family picture since the twins were born, so we were due for an updated portrait. Though we didn't go with the classic matching-denim-shirts or sitting-on-rocks-around-a-waterfall shots, my mom did coordinate us by asking us all to wear a shirt that is a shade of green along with our jeans. We took a bunch of pictures in a couple parts of the backyard, and this is the one that I think we've settled on:
Of course, you're gonna get some goofy pics when my family is involved. This is one of my favorites. We didn't plan our poses. Spontaneity is the best form of creativity.
Adam and Linds also got some family photos, and I think most of us agree that the pic below shows the best representation of their family.Before Adam & Linds left for the night, I just had to get a picture with my two cutest nieces. Aren't they adorable? Yes, yes they are. And no, you can't have one.

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