June 6, 2009

Nancy's Bday

-LDS Children's Songbook
I met Nancy on February 17, 2008. As such, that is the friend-iversary for Nancy, Sarah, Stanley, and me. Ah, fond memories.

Back to the purpose at hand. The celebration on this evening was for another reason: the 25th anniversary of her birth (hope that's ok to put your age, Nancy). We were able to gether at the guys' house on 23rd St, so we didn't have to party in the rain, and lots of FoN (Fans of Nancy) were in attendance.
Per the birthday girl's wishes, pancakes were the main course, and her tasty cake was for dessert. I got to cut the cake, and someone encouraged me to cut out a balloon as its own slice. Hope Shonni loves blue frosting!
Nancy, we're all grateful to have you as a friend. You are such a good person and you're so caring of all those around you. We look forward to seeing all you'll achieve in the future! Happy birthday!!

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  1. Aaron Smyth, you certainly know how to bring tears to a girl's eyes :-) Thank you so much for the incredible note. It was a semi-crazy 25th... but I wouldn't have the good memories if it weren't for the great friends. Thank YOU for the heartfelt support. I'll definitely send an invite your way once things are up and running at the Inn... within a few years :-) hopefully. BIG HUGS to ya!