April 25, 2009

The Flying Dutchmen

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come again for Dutch Bike Dutch, Spring 2009 version. I participated in the Fall 2008 ride and it was an awesome 30-miler. This year, since I'll be doing some longer races, I chose the 60-miler so I'd start getting used to more hours in the saddle and working on my mid-ride nutrition and hydration.We started off at about 8:45 AM from the motel parking lot and our fearless leaders Courtney and Michelle guided us along a scenic and challenging course through Amish country. We stopped a couple times to rest and replenish our supplies, as well as for taking pictures. There were many fun aspects, and I especially enjoyed passing Amish buggies and saying hello in my own special way (see #4, 6, 8-10 of Julie's blogpost). Plus, riding under covered bridges never gets old, either. Miles 35-50 were pretty rough for me, as I totally bonked. Looking back, I realize that I wasn't good on my nutrition or hydration in the first 20 miles and that deficit caught up with me down the road. Very good to learn for my longer races coming in the summer. Fortunately, I had enough to eat around mile 40 that my energy eventually returned for the last 10 miles, and I could finish fairly strong. Unfortunately, nothing could be done to reduce the pain in the butt bones after 60 miles... Believe me, it felt really good to be standing on my feet and not sitting on the saddle for this post-ride pic.Thanks to such a great group for the 60-miler and to all the wonderful DBD organizers, including Jeanette and Courtney (pictured below).

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  1. weren't we supposed to watch this movie (or was that some other biking movie)? Maybe I'll just have to borrow it from you. Such a fun ride! Great pictures.