February 9, 2009

Step or Modern Dance Show? How About Both!

Well don't let anybody tell you that I'm not cultured. This weekend I saw a duet of dancing diversity and it was delightful.
First, I went with a group of ward friends to see a Step Show and the GW Lisner Auditorium. There were fraternities, sororities, and high school teams in the competition and they all showed great power and strength in their unified movements. In the end, we all agreed that the high school teams dominated through their preparation and not relying on a gimmicky theme like some of the college teams did.

Second, I went with my co-worker friend, Elizabeth, and some of her friends, to see a modern dance performance at the Kennedy Center. We saw the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater perform, and for those that know modern dance (which I don't), that name is immediately recognizable. I definitely saw why they're known in the modern dance world. They showed such grace and fluidity in their movements, and on occasion it just took my breath away.

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