January 31, 2009

UltraFun at UltraBar

Sometimes you've just gotta dance. That's when you round up your crew and hit the streets. Or in our case, round up some fun-lovin' friends and find a good club to shake what your mama gave ya.We decided that we'd try a new place this time, and UltraBar (near Gallery Place) was the lucky location. We had a lot of friends show up, and we took advantage of the 3 floors with different styles of music to burn some energy. Our ladies were dancing so well that a club employee actually offered them VIP treatment next time we come: no waiting in line to get in, no cover at the door, and a free table with no drink minimum. Well done, ladies! After maybe 3 hours or so, we all started to fade, so it was time to head home. It was a great night, though, as it always is when we go dancing!

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