August 19, 2008

Let's All Do the Horah!

So I'm woefully behind in my posts (try 2.5 months or so), but I for sure wanted to get this most recent fun down and then I'll work my way back through the months a little at a time. So you may have to either look back at old posts every so often or just subscribe and then it'll tell you when a new post is done.

My friends Meghan Hollingshaus and Dan Posner joined into the bonds of matrimony on Saturday, and their wedding reception was (as agreed upon by those in attendance) one of the most fun such occasions we had ever attended. The event was held in the North Bethesda Marriott, and the tables were all labeled with different baseball teams. I was at the Cubs table -- which was acceptable since they aren't in the same division as the Angels, Dodgers, or Braves -- with a bunch of our BYU friends.Their DJ introduced the wedding party as if it were the start of a ballgame, which was something I hadn't seen before, but it was good because it fit their fun personalities. To reduce the amount of glass banging done to demand that they kiss, Meghan and Dan agreed to kiss if the demanders would stand up and sing a song with the word "kiss" or "love" in the lyrics.After the salad course, their slide show, and the entree, it was time for their first dance. They looked great out there with Dan in his tux and Meghan absolutely beautiful in her dress. But that was only the beginning of the dancing. The main dance we did was the Horah, a Jewish traditional dance at weddings, where the couple is raised up while sitting on chairs and the rest of the people hold hands and dance in a circle around them. Clearly everyone had a grand time with it.Various other music styles were represented and we all danced for a good while until it was time for the cake cutting. My mother would have been proud, as they didn't do any cake-in-the-face smashing, but stuck to cute feeding-each-other. Then they did the bouquet (picked up by a 6-yr old flowergirl when two of my friends couldn't hold onto it) and garter (caught by a 6'6" groomsman).There was a little more dancing and then Meghan and Dan Posner were ready to head out and do whatever newlyweds do (probably play Scrabble or California Speed, right?). We all said some last goodbyes, got some more pictures, and then they took off. We cleaned up and talked about what a fun night it had been, and then we went upstairs to the girls' room and watched Michael Phelps win another gold medal in the Beijing Olympics. What a fantastic night it was! Le chaim, Meghan and Dan!


  1. Looks like a great party! Glad you had such a fun time :o)

  2. Hi Aaron,

    I don't know you, certainly because I live about 6000 miles away.
    But I have the same age/education as you, and I had good time reading your blog.
    I mean I find it very interesting because I can see how someone with the same background than me live in a different country.

    I'm french, from a little island close to madagascar, and know a little bit about the US, as I finished my studies (administration) in Boston, and Dallas during a couple of years.

    Unfortunately, I left your country right after 9 11, it became too crazy for me over there, but I always wanted to know about the everyday life of a young person, with a graduate degree, entering in the active life.
    And it just look great!
    To telle you the truth, I love the life I have (a wonderful wife, a 6 month old son, living on an island, close to the beach, running my own business...) but seeing your pictures, at christmas, with the snow, in Virginia, the big US houses, in this american city, the inside of the homes also, and tons of stuff that I saw in your pictures, made me dream during a couple of hours...

    I supose that you did this blog for your friends/family, but you know, even without knowing you, it's been a pleasure reading your articles, and looking at your pictures! You seem to have a great life man!

    So I think I'll come back later to read more about your life styles, and how you go on in your personal life.

    I wish you good luck!