June 25, 2008

6-0 After the First Inning?

Deloitte treated the interns to a Washington Nationals baseball game last night, and I was fortunate to be able to go. They were playing against the LA Angels of Anaheim (sidenote: how can you not love a name as ridiculous as that? Ya just gotta!).I went in with some of the interns and we found our seats, then I went down to give Judi her ticket (it's nice when there are extra tickets) and it took a little bit because she got a little lost on the metro (3 wrong trains -- ugh). From the front gate, I watched on the huge screen as the Angels scored 6 runs in the top of the first inning. I missed the whole thing. By the time Judi got there and we made it to our seats, I think the score was 8-2 for the Angels.
We grabbed some food, drinks, and ice cream, and didn't really pay attention the rest of the game, because it was essentially already over. But it was a fun first trip to the Nationals new ballpark, and I'm glad I went.

PS Oh, and I got hit on by a couple 15 year-old Indiana girls when I was buying my ice cream. The look on their faces was priceless when I told them I'm 27... Suckers!


  1. Nice to know I'm not the only one in the family who can pass for a teenager... sounds like a fun night!

  2. Hey handsome! I "tagged" you on my blog. Hope you are willing to play!